You Gotta Nourish To Flourish🍍

Eating + Exercise = Energy

❉ Fueling our mind and body enables us to look, feel and live our best!

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❉ Exercising because we love our bodies and their ability to move – energizes us!

❉ Gaining support from others on similar journeys allows us to celebrate our wins and feel understood when we struggle.

❉ Striving for Progress NOT Perfection empowers us to love the skin we’re in!

❉ Embodying healthy habits promotes balanced lifestyles that we can sustain!


Click here to join in on my fun, online accountability community from anywhere you are – it’s a positive & supportive group of people on similar journeys!

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I love that as an online wellness coach – I have SO much to offer!

Support: This is my FAVORITE aspect of coaching! My time, love and attention will be given to you and the goals you desire and deserve! I love connecting about how you want to look AND feel, what challenges you have and how you like to be supported. Together we will identify what you really want, how I can support you and a plan to get you results that motivate you as you get started and long-term habits that you will continue to benefit from!

Online Workouts: A Netflix of workouts – offering over 40 different programs (HITT, yoga, dance, weight training, and so much more!) and 600+ actual workouts to choose from – keep things fresh and fun while fitting your interests, time schedule and results you want. These workouts are accessible from anywhere you are, via your phone/laptop and are WAY cheaper than the gym membership that most people barely use! . .. saving you time, money and excuses – – working out from home ROCKS!

Accountability & Community: We all need (and enjoy!) gaining support, being understood and feeling part of something bigger than ourselves. When we are included on a team in which we can be our true selves – encouraged to be authentic – celebrated and supported – without judgement – it’s magic! Too often we ‘should’ all over ourselves and feel regret and guilt more than we feel pride, confidence and compassion. I am humbled with the opportunity to host a virtual wellness community that brings my international tribe together to embrace our authentic journeys, gain support and inspiration, share ideas for cooking, fitness, personal development and things that bring us joy! This powerfully positive, online community is nourishing for the mind, body & soul ~ emphasizing the importance of cultivating our own flourishing balance.

Nutrition Plans: Food is fuel and is the biggest make-or-breaks in people getting results they work for. My goal is to help take the guesswork out of what/when/how to eat in order to look and feel your best, offer recipes that spice things up, provide meal plans that are easy to follow and grocery lists that save you time and money. Meal plans include vegan and vegetarian options too – in support of all restrictions & interests!

Supplements: I personally use and stand behind these products because they are ACTUALLY good for us – no artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup . . . you know, the looonggg list of ingredients that we don’t want in our food! Our supplements are made from whole foods, do not have fillers and come with money back guarantees that promise your approval! They aid in digestion, boost our immune system and provide nutrients that we often lack in our daily consumption.  I would not share anything I do not believe in or would confidently have my friends and family use!

My favorite is the superfood shake (that’s right – superfoods – NOT protein!) that not only taste good – helps curb cravings, provides over 9 servings of fruits/veggies (that’s like eating 5 salads!), easy to take on the go and is less than $5 per shake (beat that Starbucks and Jamba!). We also offer pre/post- workout supplements that allow for your body to prep and recover to the best of its ability; especially if you are living an active life!

Equipment and Apparel: Our new workout apparel line launched before the holidays and will keep you looking fresh!! The workout equipment is high quality and will fit your needs – no extra frills . . . allowing you to get amazing results from home and on the go!

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With the right support and resources ~ all that you have within, will flourish!

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