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A Flourishing Balance of Mind, Body & Soul ~ Empowering Educator ~ Health & Wellness Coach ~ Wanderlusting Yogi ~ Elevation of Vibrations ~ Cultivating Sustainability

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Soul of a gypsy ~ Heart of a hippie ~ Spirit of a mermaid  ☮🧜‍♀️📿


Aloha! 🌸

Thanks for checking out my site! I love connecting with like-minded Wellness Warriors out there, spreading good vibes! I am passionate about promoting wellness and empowering people of all ages to lead their healthiest and happiest lives!


I live purposefully as a wellness coach, middle & high school Physical Education & Health teacher, Public Health professional and avid volunteer – loving every opportunity to support others in their journeys!

Having grown up in small-town-USA my roots are strong to my family and friends back in Connecticut and in the NorthEast. Over the years I really struggled with loving my life in the islands (totallllll dream come true for this beach bum!) and hating/feeling guilty being soooo far from those that I love most. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere and generating residual income as a #BossBabe has enabled me to travel more, be present for those that I love most AND live the life I love in Hawai’i.

True to my adventurous spirit ~ I became a wellness coach while living in Europe. At the time, I was living in rural village in Italy and the coaching opportunity provided me with a chance to invest in myself, connect with an amazing group of positive people looking to create powerful change and support others no matter where I ventured. As a coach, I continue to be blessed to build a life of my dreams: continual personal & professional growth, daily inspiration to be my best self, more freedom (of time, money and location) and the humbling chance to make a difference in the lives of others!

🏄‍♀️ This website is one of the many ways I enjoy spreading good vibes ~ by sharing: motivational quotes, health and fitness tips, photos of nature and the beach, inspiration to be our best selves, recipes and travel adventures!

It truly is allllll about enjoying the journey 🏝️ 


“Love the life you live ~ Live the life you love”

-Bob Marley