There’s Beauty In The Struggle


“And so she took the patches of her life and sewed them together to make wings.”


I wasn’t given my wings. I had to grow my own. I had to strengthen them. Protect them. Breathe life into them time and time again. They were no gift. They are representative of my blood, sweat, tears, faith, story, bravery, beauty and love. I am now making them my gift to the world.

My talents & passions are unique to me.

My story continues to unfold & the pieces are coming together.

My drive to make a difference continues to bless me with meaningful experiences.

My passion for supporting others in enjoying their healthiest & happiest lives enables me to continually learn, grow & give.

I am far from ‘having it all together’ ~ yet am so grateful for where I have been, am enjoying making the most of where I am now and am inspired by where I am going.

I am transforming me ~ authentically sharing my story & leading by example. I am supporting & empowering others ~ inviting them to join my journey & create a life that they love.

Have you ever felt like you were made for something bigger? Called to make a difference in the lives of others? Unsure of where to start and how to bring it all together?

We don’t always have to know the HOW ~ once we are clear on the end result… how we want to feel, what we want to give, the impact we want to make ~ opportunities present themselves.

Today – and everyday – since I took a leap of faith & followed that little voice inside that said ‘why not’ ~ I have been grateful for the people, inspiration, learning, growth & abundance I have experienced as a result of investing in myself, giving something new a chance & becoming a coach.

#theresbeautyinthestruggle#authenticallyaligned #embracepossibility#whynotyoutoo #thejoyisinthejourney#winwinsituations #lifeofpurpose#transformingmylife#itsallcomingtogether#inalignmentwithmypurpose#redefiningme #cultivatingbalance

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