Intentional Mindset ~ Cultivates Clarity & Joy

✨ I am a magnet for and open to endless possibilities that radiate joy, balance, abundance & purpose 📿

.:. Lately I have not only been more aware of the importance of being intentional with my mindset ~ I have made it a priority to start most of my days with journaling and prompts {check out my adoration for all-things Danielle LaPorte to see what I am actually up to!}.

.:. As teacher, coach, friend and personal-growth junkie, I KNOW that ‘mindset matters’ . . . yada yada – it’s sooo easy to say. And actually it doesn’t have to be terribly difficult to do! My mindset shifts have taken diligence – although I already knew what to think, how to be…. it was more a matter of me stripping away the many excuses for why & how I wasn’t showing up for myself and actually DOING it.

.:. My big shifts have been:

:: Being truly open to learning from the endless lessons illuminated ~ not just analyzing them . . . actually letting them resonate enough to change me and my thought process {who knew I was somewhat obsessed with picking apart & over-analyzing?? ohh wait – I did and everyonneee who knows&loves me anyways(thanks!)}

:: Carving out time to gain clarity {my emphasis is on the feelings I desire most & sometimes knowing what I don’t like/want is enough}

:: Dreaming big ~ tapping into my true desires and what sets my soul on fire ~ if it excites me, it is drawing me in the right direction! {not what others want for me or what’s socially acceptable}

:: Authentically expressing gratitude for blessings ~ some of my favorites are for mother nature, those I am fortunate to have in my life to love and learn from, music that moves me, littles, my able-body and fresh fruit {no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they may be, the more I am grateful – the more I have to be grateful for}

:: Building confidence in my ability to manifest {woowoo- wooowhoo 🧘🏽‍♀️}

:: Being .p.r.e.s.e.n.t. by tuning into where I am, who I am with and what I am doing ~ disconnecting from the rat race & constant online surge, by being grateful and actively letting go of my unhealthy attachment to guilt and fear {I have come to realize these subconsciously allow me to feel a false-sense of being: safer, kinder, more aware…and thus, a freakin wreck!} ✌🏽
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